Tuesday, November 12, 2013

News, Gifts & Celebrations

Hey there, some news by us Disjointed folks. First of all, some weeks ago the NeoTeam guys published the results of the Neo Retro Coding Compo 2013 (which we entered with Waimanu GBA) and we got the third place! Yayy!

Then, the first days of october brought a little surprise: Waimanu GBA was mentioned in the homebrew section of RetroGamer magazine :-). It's just a small box on the page (check the picture beside), but it means a lot to us so thank you everybody at RG, you made our day.

To celebrate all these great news we decided to give away some old little things for free (so old that were making dust in the closet :-))
Here they are :

- the Original Waimanu DS Soundtrack, that is the 13 songs composed by our fellow musician Mu-Ho for the game in 2010. The tracks are in mp3 format (192kbps/44 Khz).

- the score sheet of the track "Yes We Can't", for the ones that are into Serious Musical Studies or just curious and want to check how music is made on paper :-)

Hope you enjoy these little gifts. Be sure to check here again soon because we have some other news to share...

Click HERE to download "Waimanu DS Original Soundtrack" (zip,18.8 Mb)
Click HERE to download "Yes We Can't" Score Sheet (pdf,119 Kb)

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