Monday, July 8, 2013

Grinding the GBA!

Ok, that morse code thing on the last blog entry wasn't too hard to decode, was it ? :-)
Anyway, no more secrecy is needed because our beloved coder Sverx had just completed the port of Waimanu DS for the Gameboy Advance! Hooray!
And what a port… basically the whole game and all its features have been squeezed to fit the small power capacity of the gba, with only minor mandatory distinctions such as lower screen resolution and audio quality. 

As usual, the game needs a gba flash cart to run (we tested the game with both SuperCard and M3 and it works perfectly) and is available to download for FREE (links below).
So, what else? We hope you like the game and in case you love it, just drop us a line or two, we'll appreciate that.

Have fun!


screenshots gba version

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