Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Waimanu DS update (version 1.01)

Ok people, it's time to update!
Sverx has spent some time with the code of Waimanu DS lately, fixing little things that weren't 100% right in the previous release. Here's the list of changes :

 version 1.01:
- Bonus now appear behind breaking blocks while they're still falling to pieces, so you can spot them early
- A sound effect has been added (it was forgotten!) to notify when bonus pickup happens
- Waimanu lives counter now correctly shows how many lives are available, even when they're more than 5
- A little bug in the 6th level of the 4th area has been spotted and fixed
- Removed some screen gitches while loading new levels
- Added a blue "1st place" ribbon on splash screen, since we're NintendoMax 2010 DS Dev Competition winners =)

So, what are you waiting for...? Just go to the download section (right side of this blog) and get the new version ! Oh and ...don't worry, your hiscores will be retained :-)

sidenote: according to some boards we've read around, Waimanu DS can be run direcly from the Nintendo DSi SD card, using the so called 'SudokuHax exploit'. Please leave a comment here if this proves to be true, thanks!