Friday, December 31, 2010

Welcome !

Hello and welcome to Disjointed Studio's official blog.
We're a small group of developers and our very first creation is a little homebrew game for the Nintendo DS called "Waimanu Daring Slides" (aka "Waimanu DS")

The game is available for FREE download and runs on a Nintendo DS with a flashcart (tested on R4 & compatibles and Acekard 2 as of yet)

Download here :

RAR version (667 KB)
ZIP version (940 KB)

Below you will find the story and the instructions to play the game.

Please download and share the game. If you like it (or if you don't) please let us know what you think (HERE). And If you REALLY like the game, feel free to donate money (using the "donate button" on the right).

The game is currently running for the 2010 edition of NintendoMax DS Dev Competition - info on :
Waimanu DS Official Forum :


  1. lovely. I haven't figured out what was the role of those diamond blocks yet, but I enjoy smashing ice cubes onto those ... err... whatever they are ^_^

    Nice little music, too.

    1. You're missing a big part of the game, then! Check
      'Those' are evil alien invaders jellies, called Wekas...